Conventional Light Oil & Gas Development

The Bird River oil and gas business is focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of petroleum and natural gas in the Western Canadian Basin. It has recently expanded its drilling inventory through its acquisition of High Point Oil.

Geographic Focus

The primary source of significant conventional light oil reserves resides in the Devonian carbonate systems of Alberta. A few exceptions exist in horizons overlaying the Devonian and are easily evaluated as secondary targets while drilling through them.

Through its acquisition of High Point Oil, Bird River has acquired, interpreted and completed the geological integration of approximately 170 square miles of contiguous 3D seismic and has acquired prospective mineral leases. All existing leases are in areas that have a history of proven, high-volume light oil producers.

To date, 20 drilling locations have been identified and it’s anticipated that drilling will commence in Q2 2018. It is further anticipated that additional opportunities will be identified and delineated as the interpretation of the seismic data progresses.