Blockchain & Ultra Low-Cost Cryptocurrency Mining

Bird River’s technology business is focused on the application of technologies such as blockchain to identified opportunities within the energy and technology sectors. The company recently announced a joint venture with Divestco, Canada’s largest integrated geoscience provider, that will create a leading commercial cryptocurrency mining centre with the unique advantages of a turnkey data infrastructure, in-house technical expertise and low-cost electricity.

Turnkey Data Infrastructure

The partnership with Divestco brings the cryptocurrency mining operations a pre-existing, fully operational data centre complete with 10,000 square feet of climate-controlled space, racking equipment for up to 3,000 mining rigs, and extensive pre-installed high-speed cabling.

In-House Technical Expertise

Finding the specialized technical resources required for cryptocurrency mining is difficult as the pool of candidates is small. Leveraging the highly-skilled technical personnel that are already in place within the data-intensive Divestco operations, the venture has further invested in more specific cryptocurrency mining research and skills including successful proof of concept trials with sample revenue generated across multiple cryptocurrencies.

Low-Cost Electricity

Electricity is the single, largest operating expense for running a commercial cryptocurrency mining facility. With its cogeneration facility that converts natural gas to electricity, the venture enjoys the advantage of a reliable, low-cost electricity supply at 1.4 cents per kilowatt hour which is estimated to be 4 times cheaper than the average mining operation in Canada.